Swim Safety Supervisor

NY Bathing Beach Law

The swim area is regulated by NY Health Department Code Part 6, Subpart 6-2 Bathing Beaches.

In order to comply with the regulations in the code, Thendara Mountain Club must meet certain physical and training standards.  This course is designed to provide the necessary information to meet the standard.

Thendara occupies a rare and unique swimming classification as a Level III facility.  Our Bathing Beach is designated Level III because it is over 5 foot deep and the swim lines extend more than 50 feet from the shoreline (ours go 90 feet), and also our bathing beach is part of a temporary residence (the lodge) and is not open to the general public.

Very few swimming areas in the state fall into level III, and most similar clubs have been classified as level I or II with the state and are required to hire Lifeguards.   We hope that proper compliance with these new swim dock policies will allow us to continue operating as a level III facility and that the state won’t mandate a Lifeguard (which would come with both considerable swimming time restrictions and significant additional costs). This is one of the reasons the role of the safety supervisor is so important to the clubs operation.

We encourage you to read up on the full NY Health department code. We’ve included the full text here with some of the items most relevant to a Safety Supervisor and Thendara high-lit in red text:

Highlights of NY Bathing Beach Law


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