Swim Safety Supervisor

Safety Supervisor Overview

Thendara Swim Dock Safety Supervisors Training

 Welcome to the Swimming Supervisors training here’s what you should know….

After a recent review of the clubs swimming policies, the Thendara board found that there were gaps between historical practice and the current regulatory and liability environment the club inhabits.

This course will give you information on

  1. What the NYS laws governing swimming at Thendara are.
  2. Information about our swim dock and its location use and rules.
  3. How to properly open, close and supervise the swim dock.
  4. Emergency information including the Emergency Action Plan.
  5. General water safety awareness information and best practices.

We ask that all club members you read and watch all the materials closely. For those who would like to become official Safety Supervisors, we ask that you answer the multiple choice questions to verify you’ve understood the concepts presented, and certify that you are willing to take on the responsibilities of the safety supervisor at the end of the course.

After completing this course you will be added to the official roster of people who may serve in the role of safety supervisor at the club.

We strongly encourage all members to take the course even if you do not want to be a Swim Safety Supervisor. 

All members using the swim area must cooperate with the Swim Safety Supervisor and assist when requested.



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